From the outset, the Human being had to carry its own tools to be able to exercise its profession. Thanks to the advent of gas engine, it was able to move its whole workshops closer to job locations. toutenkamion have participated from its creation to the development of most complex and challenging mobile workshops operated in the most serious environments. Ou customers operate in such various fields as defense, research, security, sport or metrology. The technical solutions we have elaborated in this very particular field require resistance, fiability and deployment rapidity. 

Some technical elements available

  • Extreme use environments,
  • Controlled and monitored working environment,
  • Europeans HSE policies respected scrupulously,
  • Adapted EMC shielding,
  • Optimized portability,
  • Selection of materials and personnalized treatments,
  • Extended self-sufficience,
  • Adapted solutions for data securing,
  • Installation of gases and certified networks,
  • Up to 75sqm automatical deployment,
  • Mobile unit from 3,5 to 32 tons,
  • ...


Mobile workshop and laboratory for analysis of the air

This laboratory and workshop shelter acquired by TAAF (French Southern and Antarctic Lands) belongs to a set of three shelters planned to be part of Dumont d'Urville FR32P Station in Adélie Land. 

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Specificities of this workshop and analysis laboratory shelter

This material answers many strict requirements in terms of use in extreme negative temperatures and snowstorms. 

The manufacturing of this Workshop and Laboratory shelter has received many particular attention regarding heat insulation, mechanical resistance, waterproofness,..

This very specific shelter for air analysis is participating to significant works launched by the CTBTO (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization), which role is to detect any nuclear test explosion around the world. 

This Workshop is equipped with incredibly precise and sensitive measuring tools (seismic monitoring stations, infra-sound stations, air radioactive particles analysis) divided into the whole planet and coming under the United Nations Organization in Vienna.


Workshop shelter for French army special forces

Transportable by air workshop shelter, delivered with its patented handling and run system, developed to ensure storage, transportation, handling and maintenance of sensitive equipment of a unit of the french special forces. 

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Specificities of this workshop

The whole set is transportable by air on C130-C160 and was delivered with its Roulhop system, developed and patented by toutenkamion, for the transportation of the shelter, its drop and its taking from the ground. The whole package is transformed into an homologated truck trailer towable by any heavy truck.

This workshop is equipped with:

  • A 12kVA power generator for a complete self-sufficience of the workshop,
  • A breathable air compressor producing necessary oxygen for divers on mission,
  • A set of softening and sliding support for a quick access to the equipment while preserving their integrity during transportation phases,
  • A telescopic beam with 3m deployment, equipped with a winch, allowing the loading and unloading of 150kg loads from a quay or a bridge.

Some References

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