To assist their customers with the development of new technologies but also to comply with the different legal obligations, our customers have often recourse to our mobility solutions to propose locally-based training courses at the lowest cost in a wide range of fields. We have thus realized mobile training units on the basis of less than 3,5 tons LDVs to 32 tons extensible semitrailers offering up to 75sqm surface area to ensure training courses in healthcare, heavy truck driving, eco-driving, fire prevention, food professionals, plastics manufacturing, heavy truck mechanics, computer science, electronics ... 

Some technical elements available

  • Optimized comfort for a more efficient training,
  • Europeans HSE policies respected scrupulously,
  • Optimized implementation time,
  • Various simulation tools (driving, eco-driving, theft, fire,...),
  • Compliant with the public-access building rules,
  • Adapted for the reception of public from « 7 to 77 years»,
  • Extended self-sufficience for long term missions,
  • Advanced broadband connectivity solutions by satellite or integrated 3G/4G key,
  • Up to 75sqm automatical deployment,
  • ...


Fire prevention training unit on rigid truck

Formation incendie

This mobile unit for fire prevention training delivered in 2014 to FRANCE FORMATIONS has optimized arrangements with compact dimensions to offer a comfortable flow and an easy parking on training sites. 

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Specificities of this fire prevention unit

Its deployment under 10 minutes, allows this mobile unit to be a polyvalent tool able to link training courses thanks to its high mobility. 

This training center developed by toutenkamion according to a precise bill of specifications from the customer, allows us to design a training room able to welcome 12 people in a very comfortable way. We have favored in this concept, the proximity of the trainer with the students for a better interaction between them. 

With a simulation room, it allows students being plunged into real fire situations we can find in services and industrial sectors. 

A control room enables the monitoring of sequences and the adaptation of training scenarii. A set of video cameras allows the trainees to follow the evolution of the participants and to comment the appearances and actions of each group. 

A smoke-filled course is also integrated to this arrangement.

This fire prevention heavy truck is a mass of our expertise in this field. 

Integrable fire prevention equipment

  • Fire flame generators,
  • Smoke generators,
  • Audio-visual effect simulator,
  • Propane detector,
  • Carbon monoxide detector,
  • Training extinguishers,
  • Emergency lilghts,
  • Smoke extraction,
  • ...


Mobile unit for plastics manufacturing training

Formation incendie

Vehicles for plastics manufacturing training we have realized for ALIZEE are now mainly two extensible units, one on a rigid truck and a second on a semitrailer. The second set has just been designed again in partnership with our customer staff and refurbished by ourselves after 14 years of fully reliable and good and loyal service. 


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Specificities of this unit

The quality of our bodywork equipped with two 2m extensions has resisted numerous openings and technical constrainsts integrated since its implementation more than 14 years ago, being:

  • 3 devices devoted to the pofession of plastics manufacturing (thermoforming, extruder, injection press machines,…),
  • A training room for around ten students,
  • A materials library.

Today on a new start, completely refurbished by our staff according to design specifications elaborated by our customer, this mobile unit has hit the european roads again. 

A 80kV power generator installed at the back of the head truck cabin, avoids any noise and vibration of this equipment necessary for a use in perfect self-sufficience in any place. 

An efficient air-conditionning system ensures the comfort of students and instructor during training courses.

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