toutenkamion has accompanied teams in sporting events from numerous categories for many years. The greatest sport champions have placed their trust in us and have appreciated our capacity to design our customized and adapted arrangements according to their requirements and to the rigour surrounding sport competition field. From the workshop, to the loading/cars transportation, motor homes, or telemetry... In this domain of activity, toutenkamion also realizes solutions with vertical extension to answer the optimization of surface areas in paddocks. 

Some technical elements available

  • Double deck & VIP terrace,
  • Up to 75sqm automatical deployment,
  • Selection of materials and personnalized treatments,
  • Quick deployment,
  • Extreme use environments,
  • Controlled and monitored working environment,
  • Adapted EMC shielding,
  • Adapted solutions for data securing,
  • Installation of gases and certified networks,
  • ...


Mobile workshop on semitrailer

Citroën WRC

This mobile unit realized for Citroën Sport, many times world champion in the WRC, is used for the transportation of two cars and, during races and private testing sessions, as a Workshop unit. 

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Specificities of this unit

This multidisciplinary workshop was designed and realized to allow each specialty whose working into, to operate in the best conditions possible to adjust, repair or completely rebuild the different systems of these state of the art technology which are the cars participating to the World Rally Championship (WRC).


The specialists who are sharing this space are electronic , mechanic, computer engineers. They are in charge of the maintenance and adjustment of all the car systems using the latest technologies available for oil analysis, shock absorbers configuration and testing,...


The whole set is self-sufficient thanks to the integration of a customized and completely soundproofed 26 kVa power generator. 


A removable structure adjacent to the semitrailer offers a protected space for the cars maintenance. 


The optimization of all the available volumes allows the loading of all the necessary components for a much more efficient reactivity and effectiveness of the teams. 


Finally, because this unit has also to be perfectly representative of Citroën's corporate image, we have developed a specific "round" design, without any edge where even glaze windows, located on the complete length of each side of the bodywork are perfectly flush. 


All toutenkamion teams are very proud to support our three french coachbuilders, Renault, Citroën and Peugeot in the different championships they are participating in. 



Mobile Motor Home on semitrailer


This double deck Motor Home was desined and realized in less than 8 months by our staff on behalf of Renault F1.

Its vertical deployment system is unique and its easy functioning allows a particularly reliable implementation in a few minutes only.

Its one-piece upper shell made of composite materials offers an unequalled level of comfort to the engineers operating from the first floor. 

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Specificities of this unit

This is a real challenge which was realized by all toutenkamion staff to design and manufacture this mobile unit in a few months only, which has needed around 15.000 hours of work. 


C’est un véritable tour de force qu’ont réalisé toutes les équipes de toutenkamion pour concevoir et fabriquer en quelques mois seulement cette unité qui aura nécessité près de 15.000 heures de travail.

Hormis son système de déploiement unique et sa coque supérieure en matériaux composites monobloc, cette unité prestigieuse aura nécessité, entre autres, le développement d’un plancher composite autoportant faisant également office de hayon de chargement moteurs entre ses longerons et d’un escalier coulissant motorisé offrant un accès direct parfaitement sécurisé à l’étage.

Equipée de son groupe électrogène 40 kVa ultra-insonorisé cette unité unique dispose d’un système de climatisation multi-split spécialement calculé pour répondre aux exigences draconiennes posées pour le maintien en conditions opérationnelles des équipements techniques et du système d’information embarqués dans l’unité.


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