Ever attentive to listen to new needs, toutenkamion imagines even more advanced and specialized screening solutions adapting its bodyworks to the requirements and new healthcare technologies. For efficient actions of local screening, mobile units are unavoidable as they propose equality to the whole population, whether they be mobile or not. 

Some technical elements available

  • Early detection of diseases,
  • Teletransmission by satellite communication or integrated 3G/4G key,
  • Automated diagnostic and analysis tools,
  • Autonomous analysis laboratory,
  • BSL I, II or III environment,
  • Quick deployment,
  • Wheelchair access,
  • Living cell for long term missions,
  • Mobile units from 3,5 to 32 tons,
  • ...



TB unit

TB is detected thanks to chest x-ray exam. Embarked on a mobile unit, it can meet isolated populations.

Mobile solutions, offered by toutenkamion, provide an early TB screening.

They integrate a BRS/Feria x-ray equipment from DMS imaging.

The image processing station combined with CAD4TB software analysis power allow a simple, fast and economical detection of infectious outbreaks.


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3 standard configurations

TB unit 3 versions

3 standard configurations have been developped with specialists and are adaptable to your specific needs.

They include a radiology room with leaded walls and door, according to applicable regulations.

•In the small version, the medical office, close to the x-ray room, enables the direct and reliable analysis of results.

•In the medium version, a medical analysis laboratory completes this office.

•In the large version, this laboratory is a dedicated room, permetting an optimisation of patients flow management, the respect of data confidentiality, and best working conditions for the medical staff.

Patients data transmission with hospital is available as an option.



HIV Screening on rigid truck

It was especially studied and realized for the Ministry of Health in Mali. It is designed for not only intensive Screening but also Prevention Campaigns. 

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Configuration of this mobile unit

  • The access is done from the rear part of the unit directly in the Prevention / Training Room where the trainer speaks in front of around ten people, 
  • The following step is the Sampling Room where a doctor is in charge of the patient (registration of the voluntary patient for screening, sampling, analysis, communication of data with an orientation or not to a healthcare center according to the diagnostics).


Blood Pressure and Diabetes Screening on semitrailer

unité médicale

Designed and manufactured for SANOFI Algeria, its aim is to realize active campaigns for blood pressure and diabetes Screening on all the algerian territory.


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Configuration of this mobile unit

IThis mobile unit is arranged in the following way: 

  • A Platform  for the selection of patients, education and prevention,  
  • A wide corridor with a toilet area,
  • A Secretary Point and a Waiting Area, 
  • A Private Area for the staff,
  • An extension divided into five compartments:
    • A Laboratory/Sampling,
    • A General Examination Room,
    • An Ophthalmology Examination Room,
    • A Cardiology Examination Room,
    • And a Diabetology Examination Room.

Quelques Fonctions Traitées

  • HIV
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