Mobile Clinic

In order to answer needs of multidisciplinary approachs, toutenkamion has created specialized and medical areas that can go from the simple Healthcare Center to the Operating Theatre able to answer the strictest clean-room environment rules, but also Screening and/ Dental Care Units, Ophthalmology, ENT, HIV, Cardiology, Gynaecology, Medical Imaging... A single Mobile Clinic can gather different specialized medical activities and thus propose a complete screening and care offer, diversified and quickly available in the most remote areas. 

Some technical elements available

  • General examination,
  • Screening Campaigns,
  • Imaging solutions,
  • Pluridisciplinary unit,
  • Occupational health,
  • Emergency situations & Operating theatre,
  • Teletransmission by satellite communication or integrated 3G/4G key,
  • Quick deployment,
  • Mobile units from 3,5 to 32 tons,
  • ...

Mobile Clinic

Occupational Health Mobile Unit on rigid truck

Manufactured for SMTVO (Santé et Médecine du Travail de la Vallée de l’Oise - Occupational Heath Service of OISE, a French Department) in Compiegne, it crosses roads of the French Department of Oise to go in front of the employees of the companies. 


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Configuration of this mobile unit

As functional as a fixed center, its arrangement is composed of several compartments :

  • A Waiting Zone with two seats, 
  • A Secretary Room/Biometry with a desk, a lab bench, a sink and a fridge,  
  • An Audiometry Screening Cabin,
  • A Toilet Area with an electric grinder,
  • A Medical Examination Room with a desk, a sink and an examination couch in an extensible part. 

Screening Mobile Clinic

Blood Pressure and Diabetes Screening on semitrailer

unité médicale

Designed and manufactured for SANOFI Algeria, its aim is to realize active campaigns for blood pressure and diabetes Screening on all the algerian territory.


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Configuration of this mobile unit

IThis mobile unit is arranged in the following way: 

  • A Platform  for the selection of patients, education and prevention,  
  • A wide corridor with a toilet area,
  • A Secretary Point and a Waiting Area, 
  • A Private Area for the staff,
  • An extension divided into five compartments:
    • A Laboratory/Sampling,
    • A General Examination Room,
    • An Ophthalmology Examination Room,
    • A Cardiology Examination Room,
    • And a Diabetology Examination Room.

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