Podiums are really efficient communication tools when the image they spread fully comply with the product, idea or community they should promote. Over the years we have developed in this range, products of excellence with accomplished design, studied and optimized communication surface areas, to offer both in opened mode and on the roads, a perfect showcase and a strong quality image, creativity, dynamism and unequalled level of seriousness, without neglecting public safety.

Some technical elements available

  • Double deck, VIP terrace,
  • Increased display surfaces, Varnished total cover sticking on a long term basis,
  • Studied sound system adapted to the planned operating environment,
  • HD video broadcasting systems,
  • LIVE broadcasting solutions by satellite dish,
  • Living cell for long term missions, Complete self-sufficience possible,
  • Up to 75sqm automatical deployment, Quick deployment, Wheelchair access,
  • Compliant with the public-access building rules,
  • Adapted for the reception of public from « 7 to 77 years»,
  • ...


Mobile showroom on rigid truck

This mobile showroom was especially studied and realized for our customer MOBITEC, leader in the manufacturing of top of the range furniture. This showroom seeks to reach out customers and prospects of MOBITEC to promote the new ranges of products.

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Specificities of this showroom

This concept allows MOBITEC to offer a unique event place to all its distributors all over Europe. It allies in a surprising place, comfort and safety to present each new collection. This convivial space enables a warmer welcoming of customers and a better development of products displayed for a better commercial effectiveness. 

A special attention was paid to the balance of arrangements during design phases. The stairways and the welcoming platform are an invitation to visit in complete safety. Wide bay windows bring a natural light, a better product visibility thus a greater fluidity of the overall design. 

This mobile showroom is equipped with 2 hydraulic extensions with automatic deployment and flat floor. The quick deployment allows an implementation two to three times a day. It is also totally self-sufficient thanks to the integration of a soundproofed and efficient power generator. An independant and powerful diesel heater ensures products maintenance of temperature during transportation and storage phases thus a very quick heat at each implementation for a better comfort. 

Overall, it has to be noted that this mobile unit complies with highest safety standards. It is also compliant with public-access building rules applicable in France.


Animation podium on semitrailer

This Animation unit is the latest realization of our range of podiums designed and realized for AIRTEL Congo to promote and commercialize their mobile telephony services.

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Specificities of this animation podium

The main innovation developed for this new product lives in its capacity to be used in two ways: 

  • In podium mode,
  • In publicity caravan mode.

In podium mode, the main scene deploys hydraulically allowing a quick implementation of a 32sqm scene. In the foundations, a high dimension crossing locker enables the storage of an additional scene which allows an extra 47sqm extension. Customers are welcomed in a wide and comfortable lounge with the customer's colours, equipped with a counter, a comfortable seat bench and a coffee table. 

In publicity caravan mode, wide openings were integrated on each side of the bodywork to allow the distribution of goodies. 

The choice of installations, construction principles, materials and equipment was done paying a special attention to the demanding operating conditions of the unit. 


  • 5300W sound system,
  • play of light,
  • Video projection,
  • 10kVA power generator.


  • 32sqm automatic scene, extensible up to additional 47sqm,
  • Independant air-conditioned control room,
  • Air-conditionned VIP lounge,
  • Soundproofed technical area.

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