Dental clinic

Based on the assumption that the whole population needs to have access to overall medical care and particularly dental care, we have developed different models of simple and efficient mobile screening and dental care units. Completely self-sufficient, they can adapt to all reliefs and climates. 

Some technical elements available

  • Screening, Cares, Surgery,
  • Intraoral or Panoramic X-ray,
  • Installation of any brands,
  • Laboratory,
  • Installation up to three dental chairs,
  • Leas-protection adapted to local regulation,
  • Self-sufficient,
  • Wheelchair access,
  • Mobile units from 3,5 to 32 tons,
  • ...

Dental clinic

Dental care mobile unit on rigid truck

This mobile unit was created and realized for the private dental clinic AL MANSOORI DENTAL CENTER in RIFFA, in Bahrain.

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Specificities of this dental care unit

This unit was manufactured with a wheelchair lift to meet local needs of handicaped people or people with reduced mobility. Its complete self-sufficience, its mobility and its access to all the people makes this Dental Clinic essential even obligatory to offer the same level of care to any population.

Dental clinic

Dental care mobile unit on rigid truck

These four dental units on heavy truck chassis, PTAC 17 tons, completely self-sufficient, were realized on behalf of the Ministry of Health of United Arab Emirates to meet the needs of the population and to dispense all necessary first level dental care.

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Configuration of this dental care unit

This medical unit for dental care is equipped with a stairway and an entrance platform for a secure access.

It opens on a small registration office with latest generation didactic tools.  

Patients can easily access an available toilet area. 

A waste storage room allows the practitioner to store waste linked to its dental activity without any contamination risk for the rest of the unit. 



The lead-protected Dental Examination Room is equipped with: 

  • A desk for the practitioner, 
  • An ergonomic piece of furniture with modern design for the storage of dentistry accessories,
  • A complete top of the range dental seat, SIRONA Intego-Pro, to treat patients in the best conditions,
  • An intraoral X-ray device SIRONA Heliodent.  

A backroom allow the storage of dental equipment. 

Completely self-sufficient, these units answers in all points precise and demanding specifications elaborated by the end user so that they bring the best service, in the best conditions of hygiene and comfort, in all times, in a very constaining environment.

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