Command Post

For more than 40 years, toutenkamion has realized command posts, transmission posts, crisis management posts, forward posts, surveillance posts, ... for many armed forces, civil guards, rescue centers, firefighters,...

All these units can be delivered as turnkey solutions on the basis of shelters, drop off cradles, with expandable side or not but also on rigid truck chassis or semitrailer chassis  for a quicker implementation on site. These command posts are operated on difficult grounds and can be deployed in 30 min for most of them.

Some technical elements available

  • From shelter to expandable semitrailer,
  • Command Post,
  • Crisis Management Centre,
  • Civil Guard, Firefighters, Airports,
  • Satellite communication, 3G/4G,
  • Quick deployment,
  • Adapted EMC shielding,
  • Integrated communiaction network,
  • Mobile units from 3,5 to 32 tons,
  • ...

Command Post

High dimension expandable command post

This Command Post was developped to match the commitments expressed by the French Army to get quickly operating command posts in extreme conditions and that can be transported by road, air and sea. It was designed and realized with DAHER group and its deployment concept is based on toutenkamion patent n°EP0880444 (A1) and more than 200 innovations. 

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Specificities of this unit

The main features of the bill of specifications:

  • 20' shelter structure,
  • Transportable by air (C130 and C160),
  • Transportable by road on long TRM 10000,
  • Ability to be deployed on all the grounds without any additional equipment,
  • Ability to be deployed on national navy vessels,
  • More than 75sqm when deployed,
  • Ability to be deployed in less than 2h by 4 people in all conditions,
  • Doesn't need any shelter for its implementation,
  • Integrating in its basic equipment partitions, tables and shelves necessary to its use,
  • Resistant to the storage in the most extreme weather conditions (-50°C to +70°C),
  • Can be manually deployed even in case of 50km/h winds,
  • Resistant to winds up to 140km/h once deployed, rain, hail, snow (1m), frost, sand winds, ...,
  • Offering to the 75 people it is able to receive, all comfort and safety conditions: 
    • Air-conditioning and heating uniformly shared in the whole deployed volume and dimensioned to match weather extreme constraints,
    •  Maintenance in overpressure to protect all the staff against any chemical or bacteriological attack, 
  • Offering different versions of inside arrangement according to the mission (command post, meeting room, telecommunication post, ...),
  • Equipped with 4 separated and protected local area networks that can be connected together to receive more than 70 computorized posts,
  • Configured to be used indifferently by the 3 forces (land, air and navy) without major adaptation (an only dedicated kit is supplied additionnally for units addressed to navy). 

A version on cradle for an even quicker deployment was also developped and delivered to the French Civil Guard.

Command Post

Support Unit for Crisis Management (MAGeC)

Le roulhop

This Support Unit for Crisis Management is a compact operational version of the Interdepartmental Operations Centre – COGIC. It was realized by toutenkamion in 2015 on behalf of the Ministry of Interior - General Directorate for Civil Defence and Crises Management. The power of its loaded IT and communication means,of its quick deployment and of the quality of the services offered, make this unit a high european reference.

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Specificities of this unit

The purpose of this unit is:

- to function as relay station in case the Interdepartmental Operations Centre (COGIC) or any other lower level Area Operations Centres (COZ, COD).

- to assist the political authorities (Ministers, Prefects) in charge of Operations Directorate, a modern and adapted tool, if necessary close to the scene (PCO), or during the organisation of large-scale events (PCI).

- to be assigned for important events in regions where the local centres (COD) have suffered damage and consequently are out of service.

This unit is completely self-sufficient and can be deployed, parked and operative in less than one hour.


It has an inside floor space of 65sqm, comprising the main functions of a command centre (decision, observation and communication, command).

It is mainly composed of three spaces: in front the zone for decision, in the centre the zone for observation and communication and at the rear the zone for command.


  • Decision zone:

The front part of the semi-trailer can receive four officials round a working table plus a particular corner for discussion (two armchairs and a low table). In addition there is a secretariat. This zone is equipped with informatics and flat screens which give access to all television channels and the pictorial reports which are required for the crises management.

A WC and a kitchenette are rounding up this zone.


  • Observation and communication zone:

The centre of the unit is designed for the observation and communication of all information. It is practically identical to an Interdepartmental Operations Centre (COGIC) with an officer for stand-by duty (team-leader), one duty officer, two special operators (stationary and cartographer) and two communications operators.

The unit is equipped with all the apparatuses for crises management and communication (informatics, flat screen walls,
radio systems, ISIS, RESCOM, RGT, Pablo, RIMBAUD, satellite link, fax …).


  • Command zone:

The rear of the semi-trailer houses the crisis room with a table for 12 persons, completely equipped with informatics, means of communication and a flat screen wall.

In addition there are two workplaces, one for information about geography and one for geomatics (SI2G).

This room can also be used for press conferences by the authorities.


On the outside of the semi-trailer are two flat screens with loudspeakers integrated into the bodywork. They are intended forbriefing or for an external press conference.

The inside and outside finish of the semi-trailer are of premium quality so as to be a showcase for the French Civil Defence (operations may also be possible outside the French territory).

Some References

  • ARMY
  • NAVY