The telemedicine is fast-growing. This medical practical allows people to see at distance a doctor by using information and communication technologies. The mobile solutions we propose use these new technologies. They are the way to fight against medical desertification and favor homecare services.

Some technical elements

  • Connection in real time to an expert center
  • Video-conference system
  • Supplying through solar panels
  • Satellite antenna
  • Reception of valid patients, with reduced mobility and patients confined to bed
  • ...




TIMM is the first mobile telemedicine unit connected in real-time to an expert center.

Health innovative concept, TIMM was developed by toutenkamion and his partners, executed and tested by Lannemezan hospital and CETIR.

It is a local medical imaging service for isolated, frail, presenting a handicap or with reduced mobility people.

It allows the practice of the main medical actions: radiology, ultrasound, retinal exams, dermatology, mammography, cardiology.

Permanently linked to the best physicians and radiologists, it also permits a direct and fast link between patients, experts and general practitioners.

Environment friendly, TIMM is working in total autonomy without connecting to public mains and without power generator.